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The XVIII International Symposium of Angiology and Vascular Surgery was granted 12 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) The event will is posted on the EACCME homepage.

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The XIX International Symposium of Angiology and Vascular Surgery will take place on the 6th and 7th of April.

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Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

We took the risk, some years ago, to redefine the Symposium model of organization, aiming to offer the Vascular Community a time of discussion, on a very practical behaviour.

The 2018 Vascular Symposium continued to present New Challenges and New Solutions, in our lively and award-winning Porto. This event continues to be organised by the Vascular Department of the Centro Hospitalar de São João. E.P.E. under the auspices of our Surgical Management Unit.

With an outstanding Faculty several first presentations of new devices and techniques are included, targeting areas of unmet needs in Vascular Medicine and Surgery, and searching for real improvements in patient care. Following previous years lead, the new VBX, the new ABRE stent, the new pioneer plus, the new stelarex DCB, the first aortic wrapping in hybrid surgery were launched in live.

Interactive learning and education with Live cases were expanded this year to other Iberian Centers, Santiago and Valladolid, additionally to the ten cases performed in Hospital São João. More than 200 registrations occurred, with advanced teaching sessions, and Educational workshops plenty of vascular professionals. The live stream reached more than 800 views, just during the event.

Endorsements from International Initiatives and affiliated Congresses, National Societies and the European Society, have been obtained for a UEMS previously granted Symposium, accomplishing Medtech and Infarmed regulations and guidance for Companies support .

The Symposium is also consolidating a prominent position, not only on the National scenario, but also at the International view, due to its commitment to highlight the Vascular innovations and the practical alternatives to appropriate disease management.

We are most grateful and welcoming all that join the project, allowing to offer once again, a landmark opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in our work field.

Save now the date for 2019: 5th and 6th April.
The XXth edition of The Symposium.

Videos from the XIX Edition


This year's invited speakers

Person 1

Vincent Riambau

Person 2

Armando Lobato

Person 3

Niels Baekgaard

Person 4

Michael Piorkowski

Person 1

Martin Bjork

Person 2

Marzia Lugli

Person 3

Jean Panneton

Person 4

Angel Flores

Person 1

Ramon Segura

Person 2

Hence Verhagen

Person 3

Nelson Oliveira

Person 4

Gaspar Mestres

Person 1

Miguel Maia

Person 2

Carlos Vaquero

Person 3

Sobrinho Simões

Person 4

Marco Manzi

Person 1

Kak K. Yeung

Person 2

Jean Paul De Vries

Person 3

José Fragata

Person 3

Mário Lachat

Person 1

David Planer

Live Cases - First Run in Portugal

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President's Message

This International Symposium continues to endorse the novelty in Angiology and Vascular Surgery fields, throw interactive learning processes, including main debates and live cases transmission.

In 2016 we expanded the number of live clinical cases, the broadcasting and transmission facilities, and the National Faculty involved. Again, some of the European references will work with us, sharing their skilled experience and recognized expertise.

On behalf of the future of the specialty, we are happy to offer the registration to all portuguese and international residents. We strongly believe that this exchange of knowledge will bring results of profit to all the present and future vascular comunity.

Best regards, José

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XIX International Symposium of Angiology and Vascular Surgery - Program

Below you can download the PDF file of the Preliminary Program for this year's edition. It contains all the information you need to know about the event.